Tuesday, November 8, 2011

blogger app

might as well start blogging again since theres an app for it an I can blog on the go! this space has been abandon for almost a year thought it was much of a hassle to update my blog every other day.... and everytime I'm on my computer I would be splurging all my time on funshion watching almost every tv series they have from the big C to the playboy club just finish the MTV series Awkward yesterday not bad the male lead acted in Desperate housewives before which happen to be my current favorite sooooooooooo handsome bth him....... Anyway getting alot of crazy dreams lately almost everynight haha those kinds which is too bizarre to forget when I wake up the next morning like the one yesterday I dreamt my younger bro did a full bod tattoo of a Zoo?? haha explicitly remember he had a ugly gorilla at the back which freaked me out. Damn ridiculous. One week break after my exams and i would be starting work at yew tee point with vivian hehe gonna start to save all over again for our getaway trip this time with gladys and my tekong boy haha that lucky boy going overseas with 3 girls..... shall end the post here with a picture of Patricia Jiale and I last Friday at Dempsey Hill's Ben and jerry haha birthday tradition since sec school ;) and the turkey mango sandwich is my ulti FAV ever since.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Union jack bag

Brand new with tag going for $30 with meetup fresh in bag from spree!  
Leave a comment on formspring or email me at zx-@live.com.sg :) 

anyway............. damn tired now been playing too much for the past three days............ too much for my own good i need a goodnight sleep now will post the pictures taken on my birthday again maybe tomorrow! Goodnight! ^^

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Healthy lifestyle

YAY I LOST 2.5KG!!!!!!!!!!! SO LITTLE!!!!!!!!! Like no difference plus its the weight that i've gained since holiday but still excited! WOOOOO LIKE 10 MORE TO GO!!! HEHEHE I WANT TO FLY LIKE A KITE~~ 
anyway got to stop this lifestyle already turning me into the meatball i see in my pasta now damn gross haha but yumssssssssss............ From this day on i am a healthy girl that sleeps regularly and will coach luke to do the same and learn some good stuffs from me no matter how hard it would be to get her to do something normal like that haha bye!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


From arguing almost everyday in the past to now having mutual understanding, be on the phone talking like norm couples........... love you tekong! (BIG KISS) HAHAHA

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

study study

Feels like shit to read about people tweeting about their school.......... while you people is in school today aunty zx goes to ntuc to stock up groceries for camping at home which includes strawberries and honey stars for my ongoing diet........ Will not stop till uk 6!! aibye~